Drumming Lessons Perth

Drumming Teacher Perth Providing Drumming Lessons

Perth Drumming Lessons for Beginners

Drumming lessons in Perth by an experienced Perth drumming teacher and practicing drummer in an international touring band.

State of the art drumming equipment provided in our sound proof drum training music room or if you are prepared to pay for the call out fee, on your drum kit at your venue.

Lou can not only teach you drumming lessons but also performing arts such as make-up, drum kit set-up, drumming equipment advice, ear protection, drumming exercises for drumming practice between drumming lessons in Perth, PR etc. for beginners into a drumming career.

drumming teacher Perth. Drumming lessons Perth

Contact Drumming Teacher Perth for Drumming Lessons Perth

Contact your drumming teacher in Perth: the lead drummer of The FurorWikipedia
M: 94319088077
Email: drummingteacher at drumminglessonsperth.com

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