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Hillary’s Boat Harbour had a controversial start with environmentalists fighting development of the now popular tourist destination on Perth’s Sunset Coast. Hillary’s Boat harbour is a boat marina and sheltered operating harbor for yachts and power boats with popular destinations of the 3 mile reef and Rottnest Island.


Hillarys Boat Harbour night

Below is a list of things to do at Hillary’s boat harbour including watersports (such as swimming at Hillary’s Marina Beach, boating, fishing, sailing) dining at good Perth waterfront restaurants, souvenir shopping, drinking at a bar, attending an event such as a wedding at Hillary’s boat harbour or simply going for a walk to see fish from the boardwalk. Hillary’s Boat Harbour is a popular place in Perth especially since international tourists visiting Hillary when travel restrictions lifted. Perthite’s come out in numbers to soak up the winter sun, dine at restaurants and experience some of the best things to do at Hillary’s Boat Harbour such as restaurant dining over the water, join in free entertainment, walk underwater in prospect tunnels to see Western Australian sea life, etc.
Best things to do Hillarys Boat Harbour


Restaurant Hillarys Boat Harbour

There are lots of choices of quality waterfront restaurants at Hillary’s Boat Harbour. The variety of cuisine and service is good but the edge Hillary Boat Harbor restaurants have is one of the best locations in Perth. I had my wedding reception at a big restaurant at Hillary’s Boat Harbour. My wife likes the chocolatier and Thai restaurant at Hillarys boat harbour.
Thai restaurant Hillarys Boat Harbour


Sailing lessons Hillarys Boat Harbour

The protected from the wind, clam water, white sandy beach at Hillary’s boat harbour makes it a popular place for families in Perth’s northern suburbs to go to the beach. On the beach is a kid’s play area, shaded in summer. Out on the water is a pontoon with a free waterslide. In summer there’s also a pay for use floating obstacle course with slides etc. Fishing from the southside and northside breakwaters is popular. Deep sea fishing charter boats depart from Hillary’s boat harbour. A Sea rescue boat is often based here. Lean to sail course are conducted from the Hillary’s Yacht Club, as too are Perth sailing regattas.


Many of the boutique shops at Hillary’s boat harbour sell tourist souvenirs because Hillary’s boat harbour is very popular with tourists. Some shops provide services such as real estate and personal care services. You’ll be able to buy many things at Hillary harbor shops but if you can’t find what you want, the Whit fords shopping center is kilometers north of Hillary’s boat harbour.


Get to Hillary’s by car from Perth, drive up the Mitchell Freeway and turn west (left) onto Hepburn Avenue. If you want the scenic tourist drive turn off the freeway at Karrinyup Road, go right to the western end, turn north (right) on the West Coast Tourist Drive to enjoy Indian Ocean views at 50KPH.
Cycling along the cost is a nice way to get to Hillary’s Boat Harbour.

By public bus transport, catch bus number 423 from Warwick train station, 4th train stop from the Perth train station or Stirling train station 3rd train stop north of Perth or hop on the 423 bus at the Karrinyup shopping centre.

Hillarys Boat Harbour to Whitfords Shoppling Centre.
Public bus to Hillarys Boat Harbour


Hillary’s boat harbour is a big safe marina for millions of dollars worth of power boats and yachts. Boat pens are available for leasing in the Hillary’s marina.
Boats at Hillarys Boat Harbour
A long southside break water jutting out into the Indian Ocean protects the harbour from the usual, strong afternoon sea breeze and winter storms. A combination lighthouse and lookout tower are northside Hillary’s boat harbor.

So too are:

  • Hillary’s Yacht Club.
  • Boat trailer car park and boat launching ramp.
  • Boat lifting and boat rack storage.
  • Marine repair areas.
  • Sea Scouts.
  • Boat departures from Hillary’s Boat Harbour to Rottnest Island.


Hotel accommodation at Hillarys Boat Harbour

Visit THE most experienced real estate agent in Perth, Geoff Baldwin, upstairs at his Hillarys real estate agency office if you want to know the expected 2023 value of your property or the market rental price local landlords need to know. Want to know accurate 2023 property prices in the Hillarys, Sorrento, Padbury, Whitfords suburbs?
Real estate agent Hillarys 

Geoff knows the sale price or rental value of your Sunset Coast property. View from the RE/MAX office at Hillary’s boat harbour.

There is hotel accommodation at Hillary’s Boat Harbour and also Perth beach hotels near Hillarys boat harbour.

Climbing the new stairs, nicknamed Jacob’s Ladder of the North, to the hill top lookout at Whitfords gives sweaping view over Hillary’s boat harbour and to Little Island.
Ladder hill climb for view of Hillary's Boat Harbour from Whitfords tower.


Want to go out to a Hillary’s restaurant, bar, nightclub or attend a function at Hillary’s Boat Harbour but no one to go out with? There are lots of guys and girls looking forward to a fun time escorting visitors to Hillary’s.


Sometimes there are special events at Hillary’s boat harbour like when the Duyfken docked there for public boarding visits.
My kids enjoyed ice skating at Hillary’s boat harbour. If you want promotion of a public event know that I’m the publisher of one of the most popular websites about Perth.



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