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Wholesale Jewelry Perth

Valentino Jewellers Perth for

  • Designing custom made jewelry in Perth by appointment
  • Remodeling jewellery in Perth by appointment
  • Manufacturing fine jewelry and export or wholesale distribution of jewelry

jewellery Perth
Photo of gold pearl Jewelry design Perth

Valentino jewelers in Perth manufacture unique jewelry from Australian materials for jewelry designed in Perth.

  • Broome pearls
  • Freshwater pearls
  • White diamonds
  • Coloured diamonds
  • Precious gem stones

designer diamond jewellery
Photo of Australian diamonds used in manufacture of jewelry designed in Perth

Valentino designer jewellery Perth, sells Broome pearls, gold jewellery and diamond jewellery. Telephone for rings designed by Valentino’s gemologist / jeweller on 0413860142. Our gemologist is waiting to answer questions about jewelry design, jewelry remodeling quality appraisal / valuation of gems and pearls to be used in your jewelry design in Perth.

pearl necklace design
Photo of simple, elegant, Broome Pearls Necklace Jewelry in Perth

Your personal appointment in Perth is preferred for designer jewelry. Contact by telephone.

Types of Jewellery Perth

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Designer jewellery Perth

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