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While minerals processing in Western Australia is usually done at remote mine sites in Western Australia, minerals processing engineers and mining consultants are mostly based in Perth, Kalgoorlie and small mining towns in WA. Western Australia is a world leader in minerals processing technology. The experience gained in extractive metallurgy to unlock valuable minerals from complex ore bodies in WA has put graduates from universities in Western Australia, such as the Western Australian School of Mines, at the forefront of minerals research, extraction technologies and mineral economics. WA leads in extractive metallurgy but also how it’s done safely and with minimal environmental impacts. Perth is the standout city in the world for not only the technical side of minerals but also the business of minerals. Some WASM graduates have gone on to head up large international mining companies based in Perth.Minerals processing Perth Western Australia.


Ben’s mineral processing in Perth experience started at a minerals processing lab in Perth in 1973. This photo was taken of me, Ben Grummels, while the WASM metallurgical lab manager.  I have 8 years of minerals processing experience in outback WA and Perth. In addition over 20 years experience in SEOing in Perth. That’s a rare combination of minerals processing and marketing which has put my clients on the top of page one of search engines for their minerals processing businesses. This photo with me in it, is of a minerals processing wet laboratory in Western Australia.

If you have the job of marketing minerals processing services or marketing minerals processing equipment sales in Perth or mining company marketing in Perth Australia, then you’re invited for a free 20 minute marketing consultation. It’ll help to connect your business brand (yep I’m also Google first for “brand marketing australia”) with more customers searching for what you sell. My web pages are Google first for “online reputation management perth” (good PR for mining companies wanting image improvement after mining disasters) “mining company marketing perth”, “seo consultation perth” and many other COMPETITIVE phrases like “copywriting for seo australia”). Understanding both mining jargon, technical writing and marketing has put me in a good position for technical writing for mining companies and marketing.

THE Minerals Processing Text Book


Minerals processing marketing is not restricted to consultant engineers, equipment suppliers, exporters and companies in Perth Western Australia. If your minerals processing business needs promotional help anywhere in the world, we can at very affordable investment prices, help with marketing of your minerals processing businesses. Eg my Mining Map of the World which has free linked pins for clients is Google first for “google mining map“. Linked pins for your mining company operations are free.


The investment price in minerals processing marketing can bring HUGE returns of investment. For example it is often talked of in Perth about diversification of export markets for Western Australian minerals. Western Australian mineral processing companies with operations in WA, Africa, Asia, etc stand to benefit massively on expansion of their export marketes with cost effective marketing reaching worldwide. We are not asking to be made mining company marketing directors, although that’d be nice. We’re not asking for even half the average pay of a minerals processing engineers in Western Australia. What we’re asking is for a reasonable hourly contract rate of pay depending on the number of hours worked. Affordable monthly SEO prices for minerals processing gets your business not only an experienced SEO expert in Perth but importantly someone who understand minerals processing, technical writing for mining companies and the mining industry of Western Australia. Ben’s phone number for mineral processing company marketing in Perth: +61 418 958 799.


Digital Marketing For Mining Companies in Perth Western Australia by an experienced minerals processor.

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