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2023 information resource for home buyers and home building companies in Perth Western Australia. Perth home builder advertising on the map of Perth builders below is free.

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2023 Best New Home Builders in Perth WA

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With demand for new home building businesses in Perth now is the time to select the best value, on time, quality new home builders in Perth. If you would like us to have a new home builder in Perth contact you, please complete Perth’s new home building form below. Many of the big building companies in Perth have in-house new house designers who’ve developed a set of building plans you can choose from and modify. The advantages of an independent architects are you’ll get unique new home designs and they can, as can builder brokers, go into bat for you when your builder does not deliver the new home you paid for.

With building material price rises and difficulty of hiring good builders in Perth, many Perth building companies have had difficult times in delivering complete built houses on time and within contract prices. To help ease the cash flow problems of Perth building businesses the Master Builders Association (MBA with HQ in West Perth) is lobbying the WA government for all builders to charge a fee to quote a price for building construction work. A lot of time goes into providing a custom new home building price quote. Tyre kickers are wasting the building industry time in producing quotes when they request it from too many Perth builders.

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Building a new house in Perth to up-size or down-size? Want to advertise your house sale Perth wide very cheaply on a very popular website Perth house selling website? HOUSE SALES PERTH

TIMBER FLOORS PERTH trade supply is sales price discounted to Perth builders for bulk buying. See the range of timber flooring options at Ellwoods timber flooring display showroom in Balcatta.

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… on the search for a local trade services website.


The Western Australian government has an online database of registered builders in Perth you can search. Alternatively you can search for a home builder in Perth near your location by zooming in on the map of Perth builders below.

It’s always wise to check the builder’s registration credentials of the new home builder you choose.


When you see a building company’s headline price advertised ask: is that a house and land package or do you have to buy a vacant block of land for sale before building a new house on it?

New home owners grants in Perth are available for building NEW homes in Perth if it’s your first time to get this government subsidy.

A lot of new home building companies have deals with banks and other home lenders. Regardless of where you borrow money from to build a new home in Perth, it’s important to get the best deal. Even a fraction of a percent compound interest rate over a long term home loan can make a big dollar difference. When your builder is recommending home loan finance ask:

  1. Are you the builder getting a fee or commission from the home loan provider?
  2. What is the fixed or variable interest rate?
  3. What is the principle and term of the loan?
  4. At today’s interest rate, what scenarios have you got for monthly repayments over what length term of the home loan?
  5. When the variable rate goes up too much what loan contract exit penalties are there?

Besides your Perth home builder acting as a finance broker, before signing any home building contracts, you should also get independent professional advice from either friends/family, websites such as CANSTAR or independent mortgage brokers.


Through 2022 to keep the building industry subsidized, the Western Australian government and Australian governments have introduced substantial, financial incentives to get houses built or houses renovated Perth wide. In addition to the first home owners grant, the Australian government is committed with legislation to reduce lending compliance red tape for home loan applications. Additionally the Reserve Bank of Australia said base interst rates will stay at record lows from 2022 and 2023. Blind Fredie could have seen the impact of covid on the economy but not idiots at the RBA. Certainly I did and fix my morgagae for the maximum 5 years even though is was more expensive the more years you fix. Since then the RBA increased interest rates 10 times. The important consideration is the home loan compound interest COMPARISON rate. It includes fees. Ask your mortgage broker: “how do you get paid?

If your home loan deposit isn’t 20% or more, you’ll be forced to take out lenders mortgage insurance (LMI). This protects lenders against things like builders going broke before finishing building of your home.


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Buying land in Perth to build on requires a lot of red tape and understanding of the legalese/jargon used by conveyancing companies. Settlement agents in Perth do the admin work between property sellers/buyer offer and acceptance contracts/Government’s “Landgate” and possibly strata management companies.

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    Best WA country builder of new homes for 2023, Mr. Harry Lees, in Bunbury, has a free linked pins on


Investing in having a new home built off the plan in Perth has its risks such as the builder going bust after receiving payment and not completing your building project. However the rewards of getting a brand new home with all the latest modern features is an possible outcome. It’s quite popular when having a builder, build an apartment in Perth. See New Apartment Sales Perth for ideas and connections.

All Perth builders love the convenience, organization, safety, security and builders’ vehicle value adding with a tax deductible, new custom designed, lockable, high quality ute/light truck canopy for sale in Perth. Lift off canopy options.

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Because of building material supply shortages and shortages of skilled builders in Perth, some big Perth building companies like BGC have suspended building new houses in Perth. According to a 2023 building news report by ABC News. One of the drivers of the price of new housing projects is the amount of land released to Property Developers in Perth and the deal they do with the Western Australian Government for the development of land with infrastructure such as roads, water, power, schools etc. After an estate has been developed, property developers will invite Perth building companies to build and joint venture promote the sale of new houses in the estate. Perth builders will get as many pre-sales as possible. Failing that, they’ll build a new home and then sell it. Driving around a new building estate to see the new homes builders have constructed there is popular with Perth home buyers. Drive to the estate office which is usually open 7 days a week and ask to see open homes.


Owner builders are defined as doing building construction, home renovation or work on a property they own. Owner-builders are responsible for the building work carried out for a minimum of six years. If the owner-builder sells the home within seven years from the date of a building permit being issued, they are required under the Home Building Contracts Act 1991 to have a policy of home indemnity insurance. This is to cover new owners if problems with the home develop and the owner-builder is unable or fails to rectify faulty or unsatisfactory workmanship. This could be caused by disappearance, death or insolvency.


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Popular Perth building companies
Considering my site was a freebie of one week’s work for a friend selling his home, my site popularity isn’t bad compared to teams of digital marketers who work full time for Perth’s bigger building companies. Hire me for marketing Perth building company/s at low prices of investment.

Considering my site was a freebie of one week’s work for a friend selling his home, my site popularity isn’t bad compared to teams of digital marketers who work full time for Perth’s bigger building companies. Hire me for marketing Perth building company/s at low prices of investment. WA BUILDING STANDARDS in Australia risk management for construction emerged in 1999 based on techniques developed by Standards Australia, an independent nonprofit considered the country’s leading nongovernmental standard-setting body. Buildings began being inspected by local councils, and risk assessments by those councils determined the number of inspections needed, with standards varying by council. But the 2005 Building Professionals Act allowed for accreditation and regulation of private inspectors. By opening to the private sector, Australia introduced competition to a system that had primarily been the responsibility of local councils. Furthermore, in 2005 Australia amended its Building Code to introduce a risk-based categorization system for buildings that inspectors had to follow. In addition, in 2010 changes were made to the Building Professionals Board, which had been the sole body authorized to accredit private inspectors, regulate the profession and enforce disciplinary and legal actions against private inspectors. Now principal certifying authorities can accredit professionals from various backgrounds including: architects, engineers, planners and building and land surveyors to serve as inspectors. In addition, the board became responsible for accrediting, regulating and enforcing actions against certified inspectors. As a result, principal certifying authorities can retain both private and council inspectors, who report back during and after construction. By law, principal certifying authorities must be designated to conduct the mandatory inspections at the critical stages (stipulated in the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act), manage inspections and decide if additional inspections are needed based on a building’s risk level. The principal certifying authority must also issue the certificate of construction (a mandatory certificate that must be obtained prior to the commencement of construction works) and certify the safety of the building upon completion of construction. The principal certifying authority is held liable if any issues arise related to the building construction. However, inspectors must obtain an annual professional insurance up to a minimum of A$1,000,000 in order to be retained in their position.



Building classifications in Perth Western Australia

A building risk level is based on its classification, use and height. Volume 1 of the 2005 Building Code of Australia considers all buildings low risk regardless of their class if they are less than 4 stories except class 9. Class 9 buildings are considered high risk due to their uses and regardless of their height. Moreover, some buildings are considered high risk because of their importance as class 3 or 4 buildings. Class 3 buildings house more than 250 guests, motels or guest houses. Class 4 is the residential part of buildings classified under classes 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9. For example, if an office building has one floor with residential apartments, that floor is classified as class 4. Risk levels and building classes enable principal certifying authorities to develop inspections that protect public safety. For example, 2 buildings might be considered low risk because of their height. But depending on their uses, 1 might require more inspections because of the complexity of its construction. In addition to the risk-based inspections that principal certifying authorities deem necessary, several critical inspections are set by law for each building class, including standalone residences (class 1) and garages and parking lots (class 10). For classes 1 and 10, 7 inspections are required, compared with just 3 for class 7 warehouses in Perth.

Perth building businesses can add ads / photo of your modern new homes built by your Perth building company, on this web page. New home building businesses in Perth are invited to feature their Perth building company in our directory of new home builders of Perth. Phone 0418958799 contact the Home Builder Business Directory for:

New Building Classifications Perth

Building Class








Standalone residence

Residential buildings

Office building for commercial purposes


Building of a public nature

Other domestic utilities

Risk Level


Low for up to three stories.
Medium for more than three stories but less than 25 meters. High for more than 25 meters

Low for up to three stories
Medium for more than three stories but less than 25 meters. High for more than 25 meters

Low for up to three stories
Medium for more than three stories but less than 25 meters. High for more than 25 meters




Roofing Company Perth for new roofs in Perth or urgent re-roofing after Perth storm damage.

Retirement Village Perth.

Homes for older Perthites.

Upgrading home improvements Perth wide with Perth home renovation service.

Search and find a “Real Estate Agent in Perth near me”.

Hotels Perth for short term accommodation while you’re waiting to move into your new home.

WA Government First Home Owners Grant application and information.

Search WA Government for home buying/building assistance information.

Contact Online Advertising for new home builders in Perth Master Builders associations collective of building companies in Perth WA. The Building workers union collective for workers who build houses in Perth WA.

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