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Teeth Whitening At Dentists In Perth

Tooth Whitening Dentist Perth uses and recommends tooth whitening systems.  Clinical research has shown these whitening systems to be safe and effective. While most tooth staining can be lightened with whitening, whitening times may vary from person to person.  We recommend a scale and clean before you start your whitening treatment.  This will ensure you start your whitening with smooth and clean teeth which helps the whitening process to work effectively.

“How long does teeth whitening last?”

The results are individual and are different for everyone.  It will depend on your diet, the nature of darker coloured food and drinks. For example liquids like cola, red wine and soy sauce will stain your teeth more quickly.  Always keep your custom made trays in a safe place so you can re-whiten your teeth at a later date if required. “What does the treatment involve?”

  • Take Home Whitening System
    • An impression of your teeth will be taken to allow construction of custom made whitening trays.  These are made from thin, clear acrylic and are comfortable to wear.
    • At your second appointment an application of a strong booster whitening gel is applied; you will be shown how to apply the whitening gel and how to care for your new trays at home.
    • In following days you will wear the whitening trays for up to 8 hours a day (most people wear them to bed) until you are happy with the tooth whitening achieved.
  • The One Hour Whitening System
    • An impression of your teeth will be taken to allow construction of custom made whitening trays.
    • A one hour appointment is made with one of our Dentist Perth Clinicians.  The Quicksmile LED whitening light is employed to achieve a brighter whiter smile.  Your custom made in Perth teeth whitening trays may then be used for any future re-whitening

Phone for teeth whitening session price quote in 2021 and arrange a booking at one of our clinics.


Phone numbers of emergency dentists Perth

  1. Doubleview Dental Clinic
    184 Scarborough Beach Rd, Doubleview, Perth 6015
    Number: (08) 9446 1344, (08) 9446 4890.
  2. Downs Dental Clinic
    57 Hale Rd, Wembly Downs, Perth 6019
    Number: (08) 9341 7577, (08) 9341 4600
  3. Seacrest Dental Clinic
    22 Harman Rd Sorrento, Perth 6020
    Number (08) 9246 1899, (08) 9246 3077
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