This list of the best thing to do in Perth includes many free family activities Perth wide in 2024. With a great environment and lots of sunny days, there are lots of good outdoor things to do in Perth Western Australia. Both outdoor and indoor things to do are listed below the photo of me sliding down a grassed hill at East Perth. in East Perth:


2021 Things to do Perth
Ben with son Jon sliding down a hill in East Perth.

  • Visit Perth beaches. Even on a sunny day in winter with a wetsuit, the clear waters of the Indian Ocean provide a lot of watersports things to do.
Things to do video Perth
  • Go bike riding.
  • Visit Kings Park for activites, views, picnic and in Spring see/photograph beautiful exotic flowers.
  • For walking / exercise along the Swan River from Elizabeth Quay to the long, steep climb of Jaccob’s Ladder in West Perth to Kings Park.
  • Go on a Swan River Cruise down river to Fremantle or up river to the Swan Valley vineyards.
  • Go on a guided Swan Valley day trip wine tour and sample some of the best wine and local food out of the Swan Valley. Can include lunches and private group tours of the Swan Valley.

Swan Valley TourMore mini bus tours information from Perth to tourist attractions near Perth.

  • Swimming at a public swimming pool. Big outdoor swimming pools in Perth are usually not heated.

Big swimming pool Perth

  • Visit Rottnest Island. Travel to Rottnest Island by boat from Fremantle or Hillarys Boat Harbour.
  • Snorkeling or SCUBA diving on the many reefs at Rottnest or north of Trigg Island. Boating out to the 3 Mile Reef reveals a spectacular underwater world.
  • Catch a ferry or walk out to Penguin Island at low tide.
  • Catch a solar powered Little Ferry Co ferry from Elizabeth Quay to Optus stadium or Claisbrook Cove.
  • Swimming at the beach or heated public pool.
  • Surfing or if you can’t surf, learn to surf.
  • Fishing, beach or boat fishing. Visit Manurah an hours drive south of Perth. In summer go fishing and or crabbing in Peel Inlet or Murray River. Stay in good Mandurah accommodation to get time to do things in and near Mandurah.
  • Join a sailing club and go sailing.
  • Go kayaking.
  • Whale watching in season.
  • Tennis.
  • Horse riding. Extra nice in Spring through green countryside full of flowers.

drive east of Perth to see fields of yellow flowers near Perth

  • Watch a local football game.
  • Go for a car drive through Perth Hills and beyond. In early spring see the fields of yellow canola flowers.
  • Attend an outdoor music festival.
  • Take the kids to a water park in Perth.
  • House maintenance such as fixing or installing a new digital TV antenna on your Perth roof so that the full potential of your new digital TV picture quality is reached. For commercial TV reception in apartment blocks, mine sites, etc when one antenna needs to receive for many TVs the talk with the MATV experts in Perth.
  • Drive into the Perth hills for a picnic.

Nice escort Perth

  • Hiking in Perth hills.
  • Go shopping for buy local produce at a local farmers market, usually open on weekends. Afterwards, eat food from a stall or food truck/van.
  • Travel from Perth to Margaret River region for wine, surf beaches, caves in beautiful forests, good food, fishing, golf, etc.
  • Need a nice Perth Escort to do things with?


  • Watch a cricket match at Perth Stadium.
  • Watch football at Perth Stadium or on the big screen outside Perth Stadium.
  • Have a holiday break from routine by staying in a nice hotel in Perth.
  • Eat at one of many great Perth restaurants.

best Italian Restaurant Perth

  • Shopping, Good at an airconditioned shopping center during a heat wave.
  • Most public swimming pools in Perth have a heated indoor pool. Some condos and some Perth hotels have heated indoor swimming pools.

Indoor swimming pool Perth

  • See art including performing and free public art though donations are greatful when you can.
  • Watch a play.
  • Watch a music concert or school play.

School play Perth.

  • Watch a new release movie at a Perth cinema.
  • Ice skating.
  • 10 pin bowling.
  • Get involved with a community organisation.
  • Indoor wave machine surfing.
  • Indoor sky diving.
  • Indoor volleyball.
  • Play squash.
  • Take up a hobby like painting, chess, chior singing.
  • Explore the new Perth Museum. One of the most interesting and educational family things to do in Perth.
  • Visit the Perth Art Gallery or any of many other retail art galleries.
  • Visit the Perth Mint in East Perth.
  • Exercise things to do near the Perth CBD include climbing the Perth Bell tower.
  • Pub crawl. Celebrate with friends at a Perth pub or bar near you.
  • Attend one of many expos/conference in Perth.
  • Attend a school P&C meeting, usually at night at in a school classroom.
  • Play board games with the family.
  • Watch the latest release movies at Perth cinemas.
  • Get professional development by learning computing software.
  • Google Map of Western Australia
  •  Latest Perth News
  • Accommodation Perth
  • Use a Real Estate Agent in Perth to buy or sell your house or DIY house sales Perth.
  • Digital Marketing including the best affordable winning SEO in Perth.
  • Buy a Domain Name
  • Online Advertising
  • Things to do in Mandurah like visit the Crab Fest or go crabbing. Stay at a resort near Mandurah, only one hour’s drive south of Perth.

It doesn’t matter what season spring, summer, winter, or autumn, day or night, you can always find something interesting to do in Perth. My favourite season in Perth is autumn, warm and calm winds make for perfect water sports things to do.

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