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Wedding Videos Perth
Professional Wedding VideographersWedding videos in Perth in digital format for BlueRay or DVDs, players, with free YouTube upload option. In PAL / NTSC formats or streamed from your website, last forever and are easily copied and mailed to those who couldn’t be at your Perth wedding. Just supply a mailing list – we can mail your wedding video in Perth and will design covers with a photo from your Perth wedding.Free wedding photos included with your wedding video.We use a wide range of Special Effects and Transitions to make your wedding video look special. Wedding videos videoed by a skilled, professional Perth videographer is what’s needed to make your Perth wedding videos interesting.All wedding videos filmed in Perth are done with the LATEST digital video equipment such as new:Digital video camerasFluid head tripods for SMOOTH panningRange of quality interchangeable lenses.Quality microphones (and lights optional extra if necessary)Our wedding videographers in Perth are discrete, cultured and don’t distract from Perth wedding ceremonies. Wedding videographers are happy to work with your Perth wedding planners.Can use any music. We have prepaid copyrights.Wedding videos in Perth are edited and produced to BlueRay or DVD VERY QUICKLY after your wedding in Perth.  Wedding videos in Perth auto-start with menus. Use your disc plaer remote to jump to your Perth wedding video chapter such as:Pre-wedding party videoBuck’s partyHen nightBride’s houseWedding Ceremony videoWedding reception videoWe can even add your videos such as your honeymoon to your wedding video and include it as a menu item on your wedding DVD. FREE streaming wedding video clips online for your family to watch from anywhere in the world.Because our videographers produce wedding videos in Perth, quickly and with QUALITY, they are in demand so to save disappointment book ahead to record your wedding video in Perth.We can come to you with our portable DVD player demonstrating our wedding video productions in Perth.Our Perth wedding videographer is prepared to travel to do:wedding videos in Sydneywedding videos in Melbournewedding videos in Brisbanewedding videos in Adelaidewedding videos on the GoldCoastwedding videos in videos Perthperth@videosperth.com
wedding video perth
perth wedding videos
Cost of Wedding Videos in Perth

Scarborough Beach Weddingwedding reception video Perth
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Video Marketing Perth

Video Production for Marketing Perth Businesses

It is one thing producing a video for marketing your business in Perth. It’s another thing having lots of the right Perthites interested in seeing your marketing video. Video production without video marketing is like putting your video in a cupboad without broadcasting and hoping people will see it.  Our video channels have videos with over 2 million views! Phone contact our video production manager Ben if you want to know how?

360° VR Video Production Perth

To build our portfolio, currently we’ve offering the cheapest VR video production in Perth @ $90. We’ll even throw in some free video marketing of your VR video. If viewing our VR videos with goggles, they’re 3D as well. If you want to know how to embed VR video on your web page we’ll show you how. More information and examples on our

Online Video Marketing Perth

  • $500  Half day video filming and capture to computer
  • $1,000 Editing video, adding background music, rendering, conversion for Youtube HD
  • $200 Uploading to YouTube and SEO for performance on Youtube searches and other search engine results.
  • $200 DVD/BlueRay Authoring

Contact for more information about video marketing Perth wide, and world wide contact the video marketing experts in Perth.

Spending on professional video production is a useless if no gets to see your Perth video marketing. You could pay a TV station in Perth for expensive spray and pray marketing or you could, for a fraction of TV station ad rates, broadcast (think netcast, IPTV) your video marketing production via the most poplar website in Perth. We encourage you or your video production company in Perth to telephone us to get your video marketing seen by customers searching for what you sell.

EXAMPLE online video marketing Italian restaurants Perth

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Videos Perth | Video Training Perth | Email: Digital Video Production Perth

video production perthInteractive Multi-media, DVD/CD ROM, video production Perth 4 web marketing and Promotion.

Video Production and Development Perth Specialists.

Video Production Costs

Video production costs in Perth Excel spreadsheet

Tax incentives for producers of video productions.

We will arrange the capture of your video production and its conversion to any video format/s you production menu

Blue-ray disk production in Perth for your BlueRay player and HD TV.

We have TOP professional freelance cinematographers Australia wide. 

These professionals have made documentaries screened by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and many others. It will be these highly skilled cinematographers who will be filming your production.

We also have a highly skilled professional Australian cameraman who has many years experience with media organisations such as the BBC, ABC, large advertising companies and independent film makers.

Your  final quality master CD will be mailed to you through the Australian Post Office free and fully insured. From this master you are able to make as many copies as you like. You will be asked to sign off on a document indemnifying us against copyright infringement

DVDs will auto start when placed in a DVD Player or PC. 

Corporate video presentation embedded in your web page?

More of our Perth video production examples embedded in a web page.

Each of these alternatives offers you;

  • loading of your content MUCH faster and
  • MUCH higher quality than it would ever be possible across the web.

This approach is the ultimate in high-quality information delivery and
should NOT be disregarded in any

effective marketing or information  program

Videos create very large amounts of data and should, where possible, be kept under an hour as this will help in preserving quality.

CDs typically fit a maximum of 700mb of data which can be in the form of videos, music, web pages, graphics, documents, etc., but there is a balance between the length of a movie and it’s quality when it comes to storage requirements. It is possible to reduce picture quality to hold a longer movie (ie the higher the quality the more storage space required).  DVDs can hold up to 4.7Gb of data offering far wider video production training Perth

If your images/movies are for the web then digital video camera production isn’t suitable for everyone. The reason is that connection speeds to the internet in some countries/locations are relatively slow. Where this is a problem, static images taken and processed by our professional photographers are more appropriate. If a movie is required in these places then a VCD or DVD is the more appropriate medium for movies.

We also specialise in corporate digital video production of Perth Hotels and accommodation property marketing, Perth Western Australia. We are prepared to video your Western Australian resort but you would need to fly our Australian freelance digital video production specialist to your hotel resort, in Australia. After editing your accommodation digital video DVD, your digital video production will be mailed to you free of charge.

We can also arrange the broadcasting of your hotel video promotion from your own Australian hotel resort website. If you don’t have a website we can web design one for you.

Your half a day corporate or training digital video filming
starts from only AUD$500 inc GST

Location expenses such as Australian cameraman travel are extra.You might prefer to have your digital video production filmed and edited in sunny Perth Western Australia. If so, here’s a link to accommodation near our studio:


  • Digital cinematography
  • Editing
  • DVD authoring
  • Multiple copies digital video productions made from master DVD/CD
  • DVD packaging design
  • Mail out (optional)
  • Setting up web servers with digital video files for streaming
  • Adding links on your website for visitors to either
    • download your digital video production or
    • stream your video direct to their computers just as if you’d set up your own Australian broadcasting company

Phone Jerry for your free introductory 10 minute corporate digital video production consultation OR email us and we’ll get back to you with answers to your video production questions. If the questions relate to costing please check out the
self-costing alternatives first. If you want to discuss video production options for more than 10 minutes you will need to open an account with us.

Effective on-line advertising: Creatives for Viral Marketing

Techniques demonstrated will revolutionise your message delivery.

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