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Working from the Comfort of Your Home in Perth WA

Work from your own home in Perth or anywhere there is an internet connection, any time it suits you. Avoid office politics, physical or age discrimination and communicable diseases. What counts is getting good work done. Whether it be working for your usual employer or working form home in YOUR own business, satisfaction of achievement is a wonderful thing. Be home for the kids when they arrive from school is a benefit of working from home.

Phone Ben to train you to work from home in Perth. He’ll come to your home, set-you up with the technology and skills to get you working from home efficiently in Perth.

We’ll teach you how to work from home in YOUR business or our business. Ben has been working from home in Perth, full time since 1999. We’ll advise you how to overcome problems of working from home. If you have slow internet speed, we’ve got solution options to enable you to work from home in your current job or another type of work.


If your team has moved to working from home, and your work mates are your cats and dogs, then here are a few work from home tips.

  1. Check in regularly with Zoom meetings or similar – just because you’re not in the same room as your workmates, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t talk to them!
  2. Minimise distractions. Most Australian families are entitled to a government funded child care subsidy.
    Work from home Perth
  3. Have a work routine – wake up and get dressed as usual.  Have a set morning tea/lunch/afternoon tea break. Stick to your normal working hours.
  4. Set up your work space away from the usual distractions of home – a separate room, a quiet corner away from the television and the kitchen.
    1. If you have business customers visit your Perth home office, consider a new office interior design and office fitout in Perth by the Perth Partition Company which specialised in affordably priced full height office partitions prefabricated offsite in Perth for fast and reduced office disruption installation services.
  5. Even if you’re stuck inside the house, exercise and movement is important. Go for walks around your backyard, do some light stretching inside the house. Anything to get your body moving and give your brain a break.
  6. If you’re working from home in your own online business you might need a website design up date or new web design. I’m the owner of I don’t do web design as you can see from this page, but I project manage web design and have very affordable Australian web designers work for me. To make your investment of time and money in web design worthwhile, your website needs to be found by people searching for what you sell. That’s where affordable digital marketing in Perth comes in.  My specialty in digital marketing is SEO.  I’ve been working on SEO from home for many Perth clients, fulltime since 1999. That much SEO experience in Perth has made me an SEO expert.  I have two kids to look after during school holidays while my wife works at RPH. I know what it’s like to work from home in Perth so during 2022, in support of home businesses in Perth, I’m offering discount SEO prices from my already discounted, advertised monthly SEO rates in Perth. More important than SEO PRICE is asking “what COMPETITIVE phrases have you achieved for your client?” .
    Discount affordable SEO for work from home businesses in Perth WA.
    Here’s a  such as Google organic SERP winner for “brand marketing australia”.
  7. Even work from home businesses need IP protection, especially when they grow with my help. I’m not an IP lawer with an expensive swank office in the Perth CBD. You might only need them if you have an IP dispute. But for buying domain names advice and filing Australian trade mark registration applications, I’m very cheap. That’s why IP law firms in places like America and Hong Kong hire me.
  8. Even if you have a small home business in a small home office in Perth, with my help it will quickly grow to a much bigger work from home business. Home workers Perth wide might even need a new home builder in Perth to expand or build you a big new home. If your employer values you, ask them to go guarentor and or help out with a home loan.
  9. Don’t be afraid to talk with me. I’m only a phone call away on phone number 0418 958 799. The 2022 Covidvirus pandemic home isolation is a new situation for everyone, so if you need someone to talk with about working from home advice in Perth, I’m here for you free of charge for the first 20 minutes and there’s plenty of resources available online.

Work from home Perth.
VR Work from home in Perth photo.


Recommended free software tools for working at home:

  1. Skype
  2. Zoom
  3. WhatsApp
  4. TeamViewer
  5. Good WiFi set up. You might need a better router and possibly a WiFi extender.
  6. Good high speed internet access (HSIA). If like me and many of my clients the NBN in Perth failed your working from home online business in Perth. Then you might need to use the mobile broadband network. You might even have 5G coverage in your area. You might be happy with using your phone as a hotspot or you might need to setup a router with a SIM card. Talk with me about buying a good multiband router capable of 4G and 5G.


Home business ideas for starting a business in Perth

Pool cleaning

Gardening including Lawn mowing and weeding services


House renovation services

Writing. There are all sorts of writing services in Perth that can be done. Technical writing, Copywriting for persuasion, Copywriting for SEO, Kids books writing, Script writing, Advertisment writing.

Real estate

Handyman. Assembling Business Loans Perth for Home Businesses



Web design

Furniture restoration

Furniture removalist moving business

Party hire business

Social media marketing services

Laundry services including ironing and mending clothes

House sitting

Escort services


Computer software training


Find things to sell and sell them on eBay, Gum Tree or Facebook Market Plas


Free work from home training in Perth if you’re good at sales and want to sell Perth digital marketing services for Ben. While the directory business is not Telstra’s biggest, it is its most profitable. We are seeking self-motivated business development managers and or sales representatives to work from home in Perth on GENEROUS profit sharing, GENEROUS trailing commissions. ie PASSIVE income in Perth by demonstrating advantages of listing advertising on the most popular website about Perth.  It is an easy sell because there is REAL benefit for Perth businesses. Telephone Ben now on 0418-958-799.  This work from home passive income earner will show you how he has worked from home in Perth by the beach since 1999. That is if you call sending out bills work.  Our clients love to pay because of their HUGE saving on the market rate for advertising.  Example: we’ll show you how a hotel client saves $3,200 per month by advertising with us.


The web is a great lead generator but unfortunately I don’t have enough staff to follow up web lead generation opportunities.  If you’re good at sales on the phone and enjoy helping people, either working from your home or in person then we’ve got a working from home job for you.  It’s about advising the benefits of listing on our popular web directories. We have digital marketing sales work from home Perth job for you, sharing in at least half directory listing fees.
Small businesses often don’t have the time nor budget for digital marketing so they depend on traffic from popular websites pertaining to their business. Get a passive income working from home.
If you want to resell listings for what ever fee you like or for half of the RRP listed below then your work at home in Perth business is setting up for earning a passive income for years to come.  Let us explain to you the ROI for your work from home clients. Examples:
Accommodation Perth 1% of visitors booking scenario. That is a HUGE ROI and therefore an easy sell. The hotelier knows it when they see the bookings so they renew with 50% to you year after year.  Why does this directory get bookings. Because its popular.
If you want to work from home, explaining these and more benefits to businesses in Perth, contact us now for an appointment at my home office where I’ve been working from home in Perth since 1999.  Share in my home business success.


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Our Fee Aust$ inc tax, PA or PPC
WEB SITE TO SELL FORWork from home selling online advertising, banner ads, advertorials, video ads, etc. Yearly Features & Some Benefits
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Work from home in Perth for the very POPULAR business directory listing for any business in Perth which. Sell listings and you’ll get $50 per sign up recurring every year. Work from home selling online ads, advertorials, video ads, map listings etc.
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Accommodation Perth
Work from home in the accommodation business
Featured ListingHigh quality backlink juice.Fee linked pin on the map 
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Home Loans Australia
Working from home financial services
Banner placement & Linked pin on the map & SEO Perth
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Real Estate Agent Perth
Work from home real estate agent.
Linked pin on the winning map on Google for “google map real estate agent perth”  More REAP benefits.
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Work from home – helping Australian businesses pin on the map of Australia.
Accommodation Singapore
If you have Singapore connections Work from home to sell listing on this popular website about Singapore hotel accommodation.
Popular site about accommodation in Singapore. Google first for hotel marketing singapore so if you connect us with a Singaporean hotelier, we’ll reward you generously with a training commission.
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Map of Perth
Work from home helping Perth businesses with linked pins on the 500,000 views map of Perth.
Businesses and other organisations get more exposure with free linked map pins for any clients
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Restaurant PerthBenefits of Perth restaurant advertising
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