Thai Business Agent Representative in Perth Western Australia

As a Thai business agent in Perth we represent Thai businesses in Perth Western Australia and offer the following business services

  1. Representation of your Thai business in Perth Western Australia.
    1. Attend and report on business meetings, AGMs
    2. Company due diligence research and reporting
    3. Organize and attend trade shows in Australia for your Thai company.
    4. Custom clearances and transport to storage of Thai goods at Perth airport and Fremantle harbor. Liaise with your freight forwarding agent.
    5. Marketing Thai goods such as car parts, FMCGs, Thai agricultural products, etc.
    6. Witness signing of business contracts / deals.
    7. Vouch for the authenticity, brand reputation and quality assurance of leading Thai businesses.
  2. Thai language and culture training for Perth business executives going to Thailand
  3. Australian visa help, visa advice for Thai businessmen and women and families. Transport and guide to the Australian immigration department building location in Perth city and once there, helping with forms and information.
  4. Processing legal matters and statutory obligation for Thai businesses.
  5. Private investigation of husbands, boyfriends, partners in Perth
  6. Explaining:
    1. How different levels of government in Perth works including laws and regulations, government industry assistance, government business support networks.
    2. Government social welfare such as Australian government family assistance criteria for families of Thai business executives.
    3. How the education system works.
    4. How insurance and health care works in Perth
    5. Medical Assistance for Families of Thai Business Executives:
      1. Emergency medical evacuation assistance advice and support such as accompanying non-critical patients, including meet and care at Perth airport or from Perth hospitals to direct Thai Airways flights from Perth airport to Suvarnabhumi Airport.
      2. Suree is an Australian qualified aged care with up-to-date training in infection control, CPR, etc. See Aged Care Perth
    6. Thai Airways flights PerthThai business agent Perth Western Australia
    7. Non-government business support networks and services.
    8. Financial systems including taxation, investments, where to get good professional advice, how the banking system works in Perth and helping you, your family and your Thai business set-up bank accounts.
      The new easy secure fast smart MOBILE BANKING way of transferring money from Perth to Thailand by the Perth based Ziksu Mobile Bank.
  7. Meet and greet Thai business people arriving at Perth airport and private car, return airport transport to/from your Perth hotel.  Pre pay $100
  8. Explain / translate business documents from English to Thai and from Thai to English.
  9. Explain the best transport option for travel in Perth Western Australia.
  10. Emergency attendance at Perth hospitals to meet the needs of Thai patients. Soon after you’ve woken your Perth Thai business agent up in the middle of the night to attend to emergency needs, you need to open a $100 account to cover call out fees, etc.
  11. Good character testimonials for Thais in Perth applying for Australian Citizenship. This is after getting to know you.
  12. Relocation assistance for Thai business people and their families into the Perth community
    1. Property and or business buying/selling agent for Thai businesses in Perth.
    2. Property buying / selling agent in Thailand.
    3. Introduction to Thai communities in Perth, Thai restaurants in Perth, Thai business people in Perth.


Sureeporn Sribuathet
Executive Thai Business Agent Perth Western Australia
Phone: +61 401035844
SMS: +66 880583329
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